Are legal salaries important for employees?
The recent survey shows that
of respondents would like to get legal salaries
Main reasons are:

Social protection and guarantees, safety, stability, confirmation of responsibility of the company
Official work
in the future
More than half of the respondents have no specific explanation.
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About the Project
The mission and values of our companies are united by Business Transparency.

We sincerely believe that the investment climate in Ukraine and the economy development may improve under the rule
of law, paying taxes, the ethics of doing legal and transparent business by all members of the market.

Every employee whose rights are protected by the labour law will do the job properly
and feel that the company really cares and secures him.

We strive to set a trend for legal working relationships.
Business transparency is a sign of the stability and perspective of the companies as business partners.

We provide an open platform for companies who want to remind the market,
their potential partners and employees that they support transparent business, guarantee safety and care for their
employees by concluding employment contracts and paying all taxes.

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White vs Black salaries
Black salaries or Salaries paid in cash
It may seem that there is no difference between black and white salaries.
Moreover, the salary is usually bigger if paid in cash.

Let's see the real risks:
You aren't
officially employed
There is always a risk
that you won't be paid or that the salary will be delayed
You might be fired any time
with no compensations. You cannot provide a proof of financial solvency (e.g. for an embassy or banking institution)
No paid sick leaves
and vacations
No taxes paid from your salary in cash means no pension and no social payments
White salaries mean Safety
You are officially employed
Your salary is paid
2 times a month strictly in time
as this is secured by the labour law
You might get sick or use your vacation
and these days will be paid
Thanks to the taxes paid from your salaries
your pension is formed, unemployment insurance is being secured, city and road improvements are being in place, teachers and doctors are being paid salaries
As a personal income tax payer,
you are able to get a tax refund
Salary taxes distribution
In Ukraine every company is liable to pay following taxes
from the white salaries of employees:
18% is a personal income tax, 22% — single social contribution and 1.5% — military duty.
How the taxes are distributed:
Personal income tax
Distributes between the local (60%) and state budgets. 2/3 of the funds remain in the local budgets and go to various projects: road surface repair, equipment and renovation of schools, construction of park zones, salaries for teachers, doctors. PIT taxpayers are entitled to a tax benefit. This means the right to recover part of your tax once a year — in case of a mortgage, education or medical expenses.
Single social contribution
Single social contribution —
make 18,15% and Pension Fund in bold.
3.85% goes to the unemployment insurance fund and disability. Payment of this tax allows you to "earn" for retirement, receive unemployment social payments, receive disability payments.
Military duty
This tax is paid during hostility periods.
All funds go to the state treasury.
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